Saturday, January 18, 2014

December 25th, 2000


Dear God,

Thanx for everything good you've brought my way on Christmas break. It really helped to talk to Dad... and Mom about what I felt you wanted me to do. It's a weakness I have.  You seem really good.

"I see a God altogether lovely."  From something an autistic child wrote. I do want to be close to You. I've learned you care more about our heart and our motives than our outside looks and what we wear.  Man is interested in legalism and being religious just for the sake of being religious.  Thanx for helping me to get a more balanced outlook.  What I went through was awful!  

Thanx God fro the nice time at Uncle Vic's and Aunt Nancy's-the best time we've ever had at their house-at least the best time I've ever had there.  

I love you God. I commit this next year into your hands.  I know there will be times I'll be tempted to compromise and do the easy way or drop out.  

Thanx for reminders that you are a loving and good God.  Happy Birthday Jesus. Love you guys,


In Jesus' name amen.

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