Saturday, July 6, 2013


     I'm here on the couch with my feet up in a loose rendition of Indian style.  I'm sitting next to K- (a friend of Fairwood.)  Matt's on the computer downloading stuff for his "SIM" house. "Sims" are his "paper dolls."  I'm tired.  It's 12:45 around. My eyes are dry, my feet are cold...I'm tired.

     This is one of the last days of break for me.  Dear God, I'm kinda not lookin' forward to Fairwood.  But I know it will be fun.  I feel moody God.  I've been in a bad mood while I've been down here.  Please make it so I'm happier the rest of the time here and Christmas.  I wish I was different God.  Not scared and immature.  I have growing up to do.  I love You God... Thank You for blessing me. I believe You'll help me to grow up and Fairwood will probably help me to grow up.

                                                                                                In Jesus' name Amen.

     It's like I started my relationship with God since I moved down to Va. and He'll help me to grow at Fairwood.

P.S. Help me to learn to love Krista and Mom, Jesus.  I want to get closer to them.

     I'm kinda weird :)  I write to God than I journal.  :)  When we go back it will be December and sometime we'll start to Angel and earthling thing.  My Angel - I mean my earthling is K-she doesn't know that as far as I know :)  I had bought her a frame and a day later we were back at the same store and I looked at the frames with her and asked her about this certain frame and she didn't exactly like it... so I bought 2 cheaper frames... at least she didn't get one that she didn't like.

     On Friday night Leann and Jessie came over for the night.  It was a bummer because we watched two movies while they were here. I wish we hadn't.  Maybe I'll get together with them at Christmas.

                                                                                                  Good Night!

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