Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thursday Nov. 23, 2000

Dear God,

     What are Your highest standards for me?  Am I called to stay pretty much from make-up?  Maybe I will talk to Mrs. M- about it.  My Dad thinks it's ok to wear, for me.  I'm not so sure.  It's made an impression on me that K- is going to get rid of her earrings- I guess I won't get earrings, for now...

    I'd feel like I would compromise if I got earrings. I won't  get earrings.  I feel that You don't want me to wear the nail polish I'm wearing on my nails.  Please lead me and help me not to be overly conscientious.

     I think I want to be a "kingdom person."  Lead me Jesus.  am I called to be an Evangelist?  Please confirm it.  I know I'm called, but I have doubts.  What do You want me to do this summer?  I'd like to go on a mission trip to Russia with Youth With a Mission, or I could go to Indianapolis and help out at the Russian Orphanage or stay home and help my mom with the Foster care kid stuff.  Or maybe You have something else in mind.  Thy will be done.

     Good night God, I love You, guys (is that too human?) okay I love You :)

                                                                                     In Jesus name Amen. :)

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