Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday Sept. 15, 2000

    Tonight is Sabbath.  I'm glad it is-I need to catch up on sleep.

Dear God,

     Thank-You for today. I love you. I want to ride the white spiritual horse!  I want your power in my life through prayer and just living-especially in witnessing and probably the same amount as in prayer.  I want to give you my all.  In your name Jesus I give you my all.  Help me to give you me-and be free also, know what I mean.

     Help me to also not have a dating "spirit", I don't want one, I need your help not to get distracted by crushes.  Please help me.  Cause me to fight those feelings in Your name, Jesus.  Thanx bunches for this group of girls... I like them all.  Bring more here this year.  I love You Jesus, I really want to get to know You in my heart.

     My goal (at least one) is to get the heart of Jesus as my heart this year.  I want your will also in my life.  I think I feel my devotion times aren't very good.  probably need to have more time. I give this to You, lead me and help me not to feel condemned. If you want me to get up earlier during "school" mornings help me to want to. Good night Jesus and God, love you.

                                                                                            In Your name Jesus

                                                                                                  Marie P.

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