Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday Oct. 23, 2000

Dear God,

     I feel really yucky right now. I"m worried and confused about what I kinda think You want, but I'm not sure.  Please help me Jesus.  I call on You, Jesus.  

     Please give me light and if You are directing me a certain way please give me a good attitude and feelings to accept it. I love You Jesus.  I feel like that is one thing I can hold onto when I write to You.  When I journal it's to You, alot and for myself.  If I wasn't writing to You I may not have written so much.

     Please just guide me. Coming here and hearing talk and then talking to someone else confuses me.  You are not a God of confusion, please give me light!

     Ahh! I need to go to bed. Be with me tonight Jesus....bless tomorrow.  Please give me peace right now, in Your name Jesus, Amen.


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