Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday Oct. 30, 2000

Dear God,

     Thanx for today. :)  It was a good, good day in how it ended. I went on a really nice walk with Matt.  Thanx for giving him to us.  I really love him. I'm glad! he's here.  I'm thankful God that he didn't leave.  Please work into me everything You want in me Jesus.  I really want to know you Jesus. Help me to get a clearer and clearer picture of who You truly are.

     Thanx so much for A. and K.  Thanx for R. and M.  I'm thankful for these girls.  I think my love tank is kinda low.  Please help it to get overflowing tomorrow. I think I need more physical touch.

     I miss Mom and Dad, thanx so much for them.  They're dear to my heart. You are so awesome.  Why did I get so many awesome things... so I can share with people that haven't experienced the same kind of love, hopefully and it seems to be orphans.  Lead me about that God. In the name of Jesus help me please.  I'm not feeling tops.  My throat feels weird, kinda numb.

     I need to get to sleep. I love You God and Jesus, in Jesus' name Amen.

                                                                                                      Love, Marie

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