Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2000

Dear God,

     I'm not very happy here.  I love You.  I wish I had someone here to talk to like my Dad... I feel sad, comes with the territory for awhile, I know. I hope this year is a good year.  K-had a hard year last year.

     There's only five girls here. Help me to get really close to some of them if not all of them. I make a commitment to read some Bible every day of my life. I want to have a good quiet time with you every day.  Tomorrow I'll start. T- was here so it was harder. Man, (well your God :)) I'm tired. Bless tomorrow. Help me to have a really good day connected to you. Please provide some face wash. I love you. Thank you for today and the "little" special things that happened.

     I crave companionship. I know you'll provide and have provided it just takes me awhile to adapt to "new" people. Love you.  Please keep me in Your peace and guard and protect me tonight. I love you and I really want to know You more Jesus :)  In your name Jesus, Amen. xoxo

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