Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oct. 26, 2000

Dear God,

     I kinda wish I weren't here.  It confuses me.  We're studying Kingdom history.  I want everything You have for me even if it does include "The Kingdom...

     I feel bugged!  ...................says things that bug me, like mentioning people's names that backslid.

     There's a lot of good. Help me not to get so perturbed. I don't get what's good.  Help me God to be what YOU want me to BE! WHAT YOU WANT ME TO BE!  I want to find myself in You. I'm afraid I might find myself in You heavily based on Kingdom teachings...while I was writing it, it didn't seem so bad.  One thing that doesn't seem right is the seemingly following of Mr. Sandford.  God gave it to Mr. Sandford. Mr. S. was an instrument. Help me.

     You see where I'm faulty too, please give me peace about everything... I believe You will give me peace, cause I believe You will, that I have peace about what my life (values and spiritual set of soul) is. Thank You God, in Jesus' name Amen.

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