Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sept. 24, 2000

Dear God,

     Thanks for today. Help me not to jump to conclusions. Bless today.

                                                                                             In your name Jesus,

     Today is a misty day. The seven year feast starts today. Mom, Dad A- and K- are coming here Wednesday.

     Last night the girls and some guys and a staff member went to a church to help out with a meal.  The money proceeds are going to help out a prison ministry T.S. is involved with.

     We got to wait tables, pour water, bring around salad and beef straganof, desert and coffee. It was fun. I'd like to do it again, like next year when they do it again.  Actually the guys didn't' wait tables much.  They were mostly in the kitchen preparing the food to be passed out.

     On the way home A- gave me and R- long back rubs.  Then I gave A- a back rub too.  It was cool. A "bonding" time.

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